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2010 NFL Roster Cuts: The fallout from 49ers-Raiders

The completion of the third preseason game is big news for the 49ers for a couple of reasons. The third game is when we generally see the starters play more time than at any other point. However, the completion of the third full week of preseason action also means it's almost time for the first round of roster cuts.

The NFL requires teams cut down to 75 men on the roster as of Tuesday August 31. Teams will cut down against to a 53-man roster next Saturday, but this first roster cut is an intriguing one. After all, we're talking about players that likely won't be making the practice squad anytime soon. Considering the team will be cutting down another 22 guys, I'm fairly confident we won't see one Tuesday's roster cuts on the practice squad initially.

In counting up the 49ers roster, the team currently has 78 players on the roster, including the recently signed Aubrayo Franklin. It's possible that number is inaccurate, but I'm not totally sure. Assuming it is a correct tally, the team will have to cut three players. At this point, I'd guess some guys who could be on the chopping block would include LB Mike Balogun, OT Matt Kopa, one of either Tony Curtis or Joe Jone Finley, and after Phillip Adams performance yesterday I'd imagine Bobby Guillory can't be feeling too comfortable with his roster spot.

In relatively unrelated news, you can check out the audio of Aubrayo Franklin's press conference from yesterday afternoon.