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2010 NFL Roster Cuts: 49ers waive/injure LB Brandon Long, waive CB Patrick Stoudamire and WR Bakari Grant

Thanks to the various FanShots and FanPosts about today's waiver moves. The 49ers went ahead and took care of business, meeting the 2010 NFL roster cuts roster deadline ahead of time. The 49ers waived WR Bakari Grant and CB Patrick Stoudamire and waived/injured LB Brandon Long. The waived/injured moves means that if Long clears waivers, the team can place him on their injured reserve and protect him from other teams for the upcoming season.

Teams have until 1pm pacific on Tuesday to cut down their rosters to 75 men. The 49ers three moves today get them to the 75-man roster limit with time to spare. In less than shocking news, I was not even close in my predictions of the players that would be cleared out.

The team will cut 22 more players to get to the 53-man roster limit next weekend following Thursday's 49ers-Chargers game.