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Golden Nuggets: Notes, So Many Notes!

Good morning everyone. News is kickin' and so am I. I finally delivered on the 'At Least We're Not' front, and I just wanted you guys to know up next is probably the Oakland Raiders. After that will be another team, and then the Eagles to close off for awhile. Maybe another one or two, unsure at the moment. So anyway, a brief update in the world of Ninjames, I got a new car yesterday, which is ten kinds of awesome. Well, it's not a new car, it's a '96. But it's awesome. I'm a fan of 'classy' cars. In fact, I love nothing more than the thought of 'classiness' and also a bit of mob-esque style. So I have a '96 Buick LeSabre for a very good price. I want to put suicide doors in it. God I'm such a nerd right now.. Anyway.. training camp.. stuff like that... here's some links. Enjoy.

Maiocco's notes from the morning practice. Some good stuff going on. (

Baas suffered a concussion and was replaced by Mike Iupati. I hate to see Baas get hurt. I want Iupati starting, but Baas isn't a completely awful player, and I don't wish injury on anyone (

How about  a nutcracker update? I really, really like this drill sometimes. (

Here are Barber's notes from the morning practice. (

Can't find a place for all of these notes. Here's Lam's post from the morning! (

Alex Smith is 'the man' again for the 49ers. I wouldn't say I think Smith is going to have some fantastic year, but I think this is the year that, if he is going to show some things ever, that this will be the year. (

The 49ers would like to be able to play the long ball this season. Sure would be nice to know we have a reliable quarterback who could hit some reliable targets down-field. Would be nice... (

Kawakami has his notes for the morning session as well. (

How about the afternoon practice? Barber has his notes, with a bit about Brit Miller playing well - which is a good sign. Like I said yesterday, I'm getting more and more excited about Miller. I still do like Norris though. (

Aaaand here are Maiocco's notes from the afternoon session. (

And Lam's notes as well! (

Here is some audio from Alex Smith, which I've yet to listen to. (

Brown has some good notes on the whole day. Love the bit about Vernon Davis snagging a deep ball over the middle, reminds me of the guy who sat to my immediate right during the season at the stadium. He was always drunk and always screaming "COME ON ALEX HIT YOUR TIGHT END OVER THE MIDDLE DON'T BE SHY!" Even when we were on defense. Good stuff. (

MORE NOTES! Stuff from Barrows concerning the Nutcracker and the like. (

I'm a NOTE MACHINE!! Lynch has some stuff about the afternoon as well. (

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