Arizona: Our new L.A.?



After running over Alan Faneca and putting Matt Leinert on his ass, than throwing down with Levi Brown during a recent practice all pro Defensive lineman, shower model and twitter hero Darnell Dockett had this to say:

"You can’t come out here and go 80 percent and expect to win our third divisional title," Dockett said. "It just don’t happen like that. Every day we step on the field we’ve got to go harder and harder and harder. We’ve got to treat them like they’re the 49ers and they’ve got to treat us like we’re the 49ers. That’s the only way we’re going to be able to compete."

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Lets face it, our traditional rivalries are pretty dead. We haven't been good enough to be on Dallas' radar and outside of the regular season they haven't done much lately either. The Seabirds were good while we were awful and now we're turning the corner and they hired Pete Carrol, so I don't see much hope there.

Our biggest traditional rival is a doormat and I'm sorry I can't dislike St. Louis with the same intensity that I hate LA, can't do it. When I think about the Lambs I just feel sorry for Stephen Jackson, but...


There's something there. I don't know if it's their Draconian immigration laws, the homogeneous terrain, the terrible weather, a state completely devoid of any culture or the fact that its where all the meth comes from, but yeah..I think if I search my red and gold heart I can hate Arizona.

Than there's Docket and his big stupid mouth. Twitter VD again, Docket. I dare you! They also signed maybe the biggest loudmouth thug in the league, Joey "F'in" Porter over here, forgetaboutit. Seriously, how easy is that guy to dislike. Matt "Hot-Tub" Leinert is their QB, hell the last time he was good he played for LA, how perfect is that?

Bottom line, I'd like to propose that Arizona should be our official number one rival. Well, at least until we beat them back into obscurity and have to feel sorry for them again.

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