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What's Your Confidence Level For Patrick Willis?

I figure for completions sake, we have to do this post even though I think it's pointless. I mean, who is going to vote low on Patrick Willis? I just don't see it happening. What kind of complaints can you have about the guy. He's not "too good" enough? The fact is that Patrick Willis is without a doubt the best player at his position in the league.

Players like Lewis and Beason keep it kind of close, but it isn't really. Willis is a beast, he's the best at what he does and the scary thought is that he has so much more to learn. He's still young. Only a couple seasons (and a couple pro bowls) in and he still has a huge upside. He could peak right now and be the best linebacker in the league for ten more seasons. Or he could do the unthinkable and continue to progress.

Develop better instincts. Grow more into his frame. Understand the playbook better. He can do all of those things still, and feasibly, for the next two-three seasons we could see a better Willis each year before he tops out and goes cruise control all over opposing teams' faces until he retires. It's just crazy.

But still, I have to make some criteria so, after the jump, I define it.

Very High: Patrick Willis has at least 15 sacks, 15 picks, 15 forced rumbles, 15 touchdown receptions, 15 touchdown passes, 15 kick returns for a touchdown and 15 safeties. He does only pull a 4.4 average on punt returns, though.

Very High: Patrick Willis will block every field goal and punt.

Very High: Willis will block every kickoff, field goal, and punt.

Very High: Patrick Willis converts to long snapper and accidentally kills Andy Lee with a vicious snap. Willis jogs back, catches the snap after it deflects off Andy, and pegs the ball on the one yard line. He was in his own endzone.

Very High: Willis rips out the still beating heart of Darnell Docket and devours it, gaining his powers. Also, he does all of the above, minus killing Andy Lee.