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49ers Training Camp Open Thread: Taylor Mays elevation to second team

We haven't had our usual open threads for training camp thus far. So, I'm thinking each day I'll get one up at some point during the day for discussion of training camp posts, tweets, etc. I'll usually include one initial topic of discussion, but consider the thread open for all training camp discussion.

On Sunday, when the team got going in practice, Mike Sando tweeted the following:

Reports from 49ers camp say Taylor Mays has moved up to second team, at least for now. That's where he needs to be as second-round pick. 7:24 PM Aug 1st via web

So is there really anything to take from this? He's leapt Curtis Taylor on the depth chart, which is certainly great and all, but given that Taylor was a 7th round pick can we take much from it at this point? Taylor is a talented football player, but when you take a guy like Mays to be one of your safeties of the future, you expect jumps like this.

Will we just need to wait until the preseason games get going before we can make any judgment calls?