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Golden Nuggets: Roster cuts suck

Good morning everyone. Apologies if these guy up a little bit late, I got started on them late and thus they'll be a bit rushed as I only have about twenty minutes to do them. We had some roster cuts yesterday, which is pretty big news. I have to say I'm a little disappointed, I had hoped at least one of those guys cut would be something on the 49ers practice squad. Actually, I was pretty darn convinced. Still, if they were cut before the 75-man limit was even in effect, then they really did have no future with the 49ers organization. Roster cuts are a somber time for me, I hate to see so many hopeful players being told that they'll no longer be playing football at the present time and, oh yeah, no more paychecks. It just sucks, but it's a necessity. Anyway, on to your links.

The 49ers released Brandon Long, Bakari Grant and Patrick Stoudamire. I thought that one of Grant and Stoudamire would at least make the practice squad. Still, I always liked Adams more than Stoudamire. (

Really glad to see Phillip Adams play well. I didn't really know who he was when we picked him, but almost immediately after-the-fact, I was happy with the pick. (

Maiocco has a stock report on the 49ers who are rising and falling in favor in San Francisco. (

The secondary (and the defense as a whole, really) did not pass the test on Saturday against the Raiders. (

It really irks me that David Carr received a bit of praise and good words from the coaching staff. He was abysmal, but he is still the unquestioned number two. No, this is not a Nate Davis advocacy post, don't treat it as such. (

Here is Sando's latest mailbag post. (

The Chronicle has a first-half review from the game on Saturday. (

Matt Barrows tried his hand at predicting the 49ers 53-man roster. I think it's pretty indicative of what might happen. (

Sam Lam also takes a look at the 53-man. (

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