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Golden Nuggets: Moving right along

Good morning everyone. We had a semi-slow news day in 49erland, and with all of the injuries, sporadic retirements and all of the send-offs to Seattle, I'm inclined to say a slow news day is pretty darn great right now. Teams have to trim their rosters down to seventy-five players today and the 49ers have already made it down to that number when they released Bakari Grant, Patrick Stoudamire and Brandon Long. Now we look ahead to after Thursday's game against the Chargers when teams have to cut down to their 53-man limit. Rather, we look ahead TO Thursday's game so we can see who plays well, who doesn't play well and of course: who doesn't play at all. I hope we see a little Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree, but hey, what do my hopes matter? Anyway - let's get to it.

The 22-man cut-down looms for the 49ers, Thursday will be a crucial day for many players. (

Players aren't sure where they stand as far as roster cuts and the 53-man roster go. All I know is: I really liked Diyral Briggs' answer to the question. (

How about a quick look at the position battles and who may or may not be ahead? (

Crabtree could end up not playing on Thursday, which... I mean, I just want to see him for the sake of seeing him, I'm OK with him not playing to rest him. (

This is a mostly spirited debate between Mike Sando and ESPN's AFC West blogger about whether or not the Raiders would win the NFC West. I'll say it right now, they would have absolutely no chance. None whatsoever. (

Matt Maiocco has an offensive recap from Saturday's game against the Raiders as well as a defensive recap. Looks like Cody Wallace played well, hm? (

Singletary seems to share my sentiments — that the backup quarterback situation doesn't inspire a whole lot of confidence. (

Here's some impressions from the second half of the game on Saturday against the Raiders. (

Special teams will play a big part on the final roster cuts, which is why it's hard for me to leave Brit Miller off my roster projection. (

Joe Montana made a rare appearance at the 49ers facility yesterday. It's nothing significant, but I love the quote from Singletary about them being allowed and being important. (

Monday's Locker Room Talk (

Is there a punt returner in the house? A look at — you guessed it — the 49ers options at punt returner. (

Mike Iupati is the "hole," package. Hilarious, but seriously ... I love this pick. An awful lot. (

Travis LaBoy is beginning to make an impact. I really like this guy and hope he makes it, but I'm not so sure I'd like it if he had to bump Briggs off the roster. (

Rival Blog Buzz

Revenge Of The Bids (Cardinals)
They take a look at the 53-man roster and the likely candidates to make it. The team also traded CB Jorrick Calvin to the Philadelphia Eagles, and they've got some post-trade thoughts on the deal. On top of that,there's controversy going on in Arizona. QB Matt Leinart feels that his (partial) demotion is due to reasons "beyond football." Lastly, they hard their... bird droppings. Charming.

Field Gulls (Seahawks)

53-man roster projections are going down for everyone, and they got in the mix with their own over at our Seahawks blog. They also took a look at possible Seahawks worth drafting in fantasy football, and I gotta say I'm not liking any of those picks. Lastly, they had a post about J.P. Losman and why it made sense to sign him; and why it will make sense to cut him.

Turf Show Times (Rams)
Our Rams blog took a look at a recent trade for Dennis Morris and what it means for their roster and depth chart. They took a look at some roster cuts made by the team, and lastly they have their Random Ramsdom for the day. 

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Random Thought: I just went through and made all of the 49ers current player names (first and last) exempt from my spell check, one-by-one. Yeah, I'm a fan.