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Johnsonville Rush For 2,000 Yards Challenge

A couple weeks ago I received an email from a marketing company about a contest conducted by Johnsonville Sausage. They're big into pushing their brand as a sausage for tailgating, and in order to do that they've set up an interesting little quasi-fantasy football contest.

It's really quite simple. Each week, you select a different NFL running back based on who you think will gain the most yards that week. The trick though is that you can't pick a running back more than once during the season. So, once you use Frank Gore, Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, etc in a given week, you can't use them again. That means you have to study matchups and be selective as to when you use each running back. After recent performances, how many folks will be rolling out Frank Gore in a Seattle game?!

The goal of the contest is to accumulate as many yards in a week, and then as many cumulative yards over the course of the season, with various prizes being offered throughout the season. For the person with the most yards at season's end, they will get what is described as the "Ultimate Fan Cave." According to the website, it basically is a $4,000 Best Buy gift card (although I think there are a few more details beyond that).

Since we always enjoy contests around here, I've set up a league for us to conduct this contest. Head to the contest website where you'll need to register at the site. After registering, click on Leagues and search for the league name, which is Niners Nation, or apparently you can search for my user name (Fooch). The password to join the league is 49ers.

If you have any questions about the contest, feel free to post a comment or shoot me an email. Each league can only hold a maximum of 100 contestants, so if the league fills up I'll create a new one.