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San Francisco 49ers Around SB Nation

I read through as many of the comments on Niners Nation as possible, and every so often notice comments about how this is your first stop of the day or your only site for 49ers information. While the comments are certainly appreciated, I want to make sure people have an idea of a better idea of what SB Nation has to offer on the 49ers and sports in general.

For those of you who don't know, Niners Nation is part of the SB Nation network of sports blogs. I'm sure many of you are aware of that but every so often I talk to people who don't know about the entire network surrounding NN. SB Nation has team blogs for virtually every major American professional sports team, as well as a variety of other sports and teams across the country and in fact across the globe.

More importantly for our purposes, SB Nation has an NFL hub at and also a Bay Area regional site at (or if you prefer). For those who haven't been to the regional site, it covers all sports in the Bay Area and involves several folks from Niners Nation. You'll find content from myself, Ninjames and commenter Sam Lam (he of fame).

I mention all this as a lead into a few different posts related to the 49ers that you might be interested in reading, and one you might want to bookmark. First off, over at the NFL site they're running through team previews this month and I put together a basic preview of the 49ers heading into 2010. It's nothing too earth-shattering but it gave me a chance to get down some thoughts on the entire team. Here at NN we break things down on a more intricate level and don't spend as much time looking at things through a broad view.

Over at the Bay Area site, I also put together a post on the Top Five games on the 49ers schedule in 2010. Each week we have a "Top Five" feature that can cover anything related to Bay Area sports. With football season upon us, I did the 49ers schedule, and Raymond from Silver and Black Pride will have a similar feature on the Raiders next week. The Bay Area site is fun because it lets me write about things other than the 49ers and football. I do get some 49ers writing in, but as an A's fan I enjoy occasionally posting about that.

The Bay Area site has its "blog"-type of posts, but it also is meant to include a lot of news updates in a more traditional sense. We use story streams over there, which are a tool created by SB Nation that can be quite useful. The stream is basically a compilation of all the stories and updates on a given topic on a single page. The best example at this point is one I'd recommend bookmarking. We've created an injury update post for the 49ers and Raiders. Over the course of the 2010 season we'll post medical updates in that post ranging from when a player goes down with an injury all the way through the rehab process. Obviously this is information we'll be posting here at Niners Nation, but the story stream linked above allows you to view every single story at the Bay Area site on a single page.

If you have any questions or comments about the stories linked above, feel free to comment or email. I simply wanted to point out a few sources of which you might not have been aware.