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49ers Training Camp: Chris Mortensen's report from camp

For those who aren't aware, ESPN is sending Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen to every NFL training camp over the course of 19 days. They've basically split the country in half with Schefter starting on the East Coast, and Mortensen beginning on the West Coast. Today, Mortensen was down in Santa Clara covering the 49ers camp. It's airing on each episode of Sportscenter if you get a moment to check it out.

It's actually going to be on ESPN in the next 5 minutes or so. Consider this an open thread for those who have a moment to watch it on Sportscenter. If you miss it during this 10am Sportscenter, the 11am Sportscenter will likely have a repeat of it. As it airs I'll use this to post what Mortensen has to say about the 49ers. It's going to following Giants highlights.

They opened with a quick rundown of the 49ers big storylines this offseason. Given how solid the D was last year, it shouldn't be surprising that the top three story lines were:

1. Drafting Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati to bolster the offensive line.
2. Michael Crabtree having a full offseason with the team
3. Addition of Ted Ginn Jr.

UN-[SITE DECORUM]-BELIEVABLE! They open the 49ers camp visit discussing Brett Favre. I hate the man.

Finally, on to the 49ers. The big issue they discuss is "Alex Smith expectations." The addition of Davis/Iupati should make life easier for Smith. He discusses Frank Gore and then the other offensive weapons added (notably Ginn and Kyle Williams), but then wraps by saying it will be a blue collar football team.

It's safe to say that was the biggest waste of 2 minutes in my life. ESPN, you're killing me.