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49ers Training Camp Open Thread: How banged up are the 49ers?

As I've been poking around training camp news, it seems like a lot of what I read is about different players getting banged up in some manner. Whether it be David Baas' concussion, Chilo Rachal's dehydration, player X's stinger, or player Y's gimpy ankle, injuries seem to be the story of the day. Obviously all teams deal with injuries and something like Rachal's dehydration isn't exactly unique to 49ers camp.

Earlier today, Edggy posted a FanShot to video of Peter King at 49ers camp talking about the team. I know folks have their opinions on King, but as with Mortensen's stuff yesterday (more the written version than the video version), it's always nice to see what national media have to say about the team.

In the video, King mentions how Takeo Spikes told him that this was the toughest training camp in which he'd ever taken part. I actually think he said something similar last year, but I can't find it in the archives. The point being, with the nut-cracker and generally hard-hitting nature of Singletary, how physical is too physical early on? In the end I probably shouldn't be all that concerned because this is not the first time Singletary has run a physical camp. Last year camp was physical, but: a) Singletary went to no pads at a certain point to keep the team fresh, and b) the 49ers won 3 of 4 to close the 2009 season so we can't exactly say they ran into a wall.

Seeing as I don't exactly follow other teams nearly as much as I follow the 49ers, maybe they're all experiencing early bumps and bruises. After all, while players have generally stayed in shape (minus Albert Haynesworth of course), it's still been a long time since they got particularly physical (minus Vernon Davis and his ladies). In the end this is probably a non-issue, but I'm still curious what people think about it.

Feel free to use this thread to discuss this topic, as well as today's practice info as well. I've linked some Twitter feeds to check out. Maiocco is in Canton for Rice's HOF induction ceremony this weekend so he's not at practice.

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Barber Twitter
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