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49ers Training Camp: Scott McKillop suffers torn left ACL and left patellar tendon

After appearing to be off to a great start to training camp, 49ers LB Scott McKillop has run into a brick wall. The 49ers have reported that McKillop has suffered a busted up left knee that includes a torn ACL and a torn patellar tendon. There's never a good time for that kind of injury, but it's certainly even worse timing given our discussion this morning about injuries.

As Barrows mentioned, this certainly opens the door for Matt Wilhelm and draft pick Navorro Bowman to gain quite a bit more playing time. Given McKillop's contributions on special teams as well, this could help a bubble player that was going to be contributing mostly on special teams.

Whatever the case, it's a shame to see McKillop suffer the injury. We'll have further updates as they come in.