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49ers Training Camp: The never-ending injury issues of Travis LaBoy

Last month I put together my first 53-man roster projection for the 49ers roster, and among the players included was OLB Travis LaBoy. LaBoy was signed to a relatively cheap one year deal in part because of major injury issues during his NFL career. He's an extremely talented pass rush threat, but in six years he never once played a full 16-game schedule. If he could remain healthy, he would make for a huge addition to a developing 49ers pass rush. Imagine rolling him out with Parys Haralson, Manny Lawson and Ahmad Brooks. The pass rush by committee would be absolutely filthy.

And yet, once again LaBoy finds himself battling injuries. This time around LaBoy is dealing with a concussion that has kept him out of recent practices. As with any injury, there is some benefit for the team in that Diyral Briggs is able to get more practice. When I put together that first 53-man projection, I had Briggs as one of the first five out and LaBoy as one of the last five in.

When I put together the first training camp battles post I didn't include any battle between Briggs and LaBoy. However, even before LaBoy's concussion, I probably should have included it. So, we're making up for it here. I've included a poll (and in fact we may have polled this before) to see what people think about the Briggs-LaBoy battle for a roster spot, or if it even is a battle.