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Golden Nuggets: Don't Bury Him

Morning everyone, Ninjames here. Today is a big day for 49ers fans. Not exactly related to the current team the 49ers field, but something significant that every Niner fan should be proud of. I haven't touched up on it that much because I've been so engrossed in the current team, but today we've got plenty of stuff on Jerry Rice and his induction into the Hall of Fame. In a few hours, we'll have a second Golden Nuggets devoted solely to Jerry Rice links, and we'll have an open thread this afternoon while the ceremony is ongoing. I personally know a few Niners fans who are there, and that's great. I wish I had the funds to go, but I'll touch up on that later. I've still got some links for general 49ers stuff so let's just get to that. Enjoy folks.

With McKillop's injury, it's good to see that Matt Wilhelm and NaVorro Bowman are stepping up in practice. I'm very pleased with the Bowman pick. (

Is the 49ers camp too rough? I don't think it is, personally - but what do I know? (

Here's some notes on practice from Lynch. (

How about some more notes? Sounds like a plan. (

It's smart for Aubrayo Franklin to not be signing his tender. Needs to stay injury free. Or he's just lazy. (

Here's some notes on camp from an outsider! A non-49ers beat writer, that is. (

Sando has some notes on the team as well. (

Bowman fits the mold of a 49ers linebacker. That's good news, as I said earlier, I really like this kid. I think he can be a great linebacker next to Willis. If they had taken any other inside linebacker in this draft I don't think I'd be happy with it. (

But don't bury Spikes yet. You definitely shouldn't, he does his job very well. The unquestioned starter, and if we re-sign him, I want him back next season. Another season of learning for Bowman ain't so bad. Plus he'll get plenty of time to be mixed into the lineup as the season progresses. (

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