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Nuggets: Hall of Famer Jerry Rice Links

So this is kind of a pseudo-Golden Nuggets kind of thing. Legendary receiver Jerry Rice will be officially inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame later today and I couldn't be more proud to be a 49ers fan. There have been past greats, not none as good as Jerry Rice. There's only one or two other receivers you could even place in the same league as him. There is no arguing he's the best, and for that, I'm proud. I got the opportunity to interview him last year (or maybe it was this year? My concept of time is pretty gone at 3 AM) and it was a scary experience leading up to it. I've interviewed players and fighters, I've interviewed musicians and even an actor once - but this was Jerry Rice. The GOAT. I was freaking out, but once we got start it was blast. I could not have been happier with the way it went. He's such a real, nice guy. He actually used the words "If I get in" in reference to the Hall of Fame which is.. wow. I think he may be the biggest "lock" in the history of the hall. Either way... I've got some links for you, I won't go into too much detail with my own thoughts as per the normal Nuggets, since most of them have the same point - but I, as a very proud 49er fan, will be reading all of them.

Jerry Rice the best ever? Not according to the perfectionist. (

Reasons why Rice is NFL's greatest player (

Jerry Rice Entering the Hall of Fame, Witnesses To Greatness (

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I don't much like the next article. You can argue for Hutson to an extent, but it's an argument that folds in on itself. Rice wasn't as dominant as Hutson was - all that says to me is that Hutson was ahead of the game in the day. Much respect to him but in my opinion - it's Rice all the way.

Emmit Smith, Jerry Rice were the most productive, but not the best ever (

This next link is a cool little piece about the guy who threw Rice passes when he needed to adjust to the quarterback change from Montana to Young.

He put a spin on Jerry Rice's Hall of Fame career (

A good slideshow for Jerry Rice and his Hall of Fame career in the next link..

Celebrating 49ers great Jerry Rice (

Smith, Rice among elite at their positions, but which Hall of Famer stands out head to head? (

Jerry Rice's Hall of Fame career offers inspiration to current 49ers (

Love the initial point that's made in this next post - it feels like he's already there, doesn't it? Feels like he's been in the Hall since.... well since forever.

Jerry Rice's fly pattern to Hall of Fame (

Rice's Road to the Hall of Fame (

Jerry Rice at a glance (

Jerry Rice: Memories of a Hall of Fame legend (