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49ers Training Camp: And DOWN goes Brooks

While we've been enjoying the induction of Jerry Rice, the current batch of 49ers got some bad news today. Ahmad Brooks had sat out practice with bruised ribs, and it turned out to be a bit worse than that. Matt Barrows tweeted that Brooks has been diagnosed with a kidney laceration and will be re-evaluated in two weeks. Tip of the cap to supraman for posting a comment about it.

Thankfully it's still early in training camp, but obviously nobody wants to see a potential sack machine like Brooks go down with a fairly serious injury. The upside (if you want to bother calling it that), is that guys like Diyral Briggs and Travis LaBoy (assuming he can get healthy) will get a lot more snaps over the next couple weeks. Given the timing that means we'll see a lot of Briggs in the first preseason game next weekend. And if LaBoy can recover from his concussion, he could get a fair share of snaps as well.

Given the timing of this, I actually had a question for everybody out there. Do we have any readers with any sort of medical background? I'd love to be able to provide a bit more detail than what you find via a basic Google search, and if we had a reader with some kind of medical background, it would be of great use to the site. If you do have such a background, either post a comment here, or email me at