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What's Your Confidence Level For Joe Nedney?

You know, this is one of the positions that everyone takes for granted on the 49ers. Not the one, but one of them. Nedney is a surprisingly good kicker, he's accurate and is generally dependable when we need to pick up three. He doesn't seem to be bothered by pressure, and he beats robot kickers any day of the week.

My big issue with Nedney is that he doesn't seem to have the foot for kickoffs these days. He rarely gets anything behind the ten yard line on kickoffs, and every time he does it I just wonder how short it's going to be. I'm being a little harsh, I know. But if there is anything I can say about him, he's a total bad[site decorum].

If you can't guess what that word is, think of surfing on the moon with laser beams for eyes on a robo dracula. The first word that comes to mind should be the word I just partially blocked. If you thought "lame" or "terrifying" you probably suck. Anyway, I have my complaints about Nedney but he's pretty accurate and very dependable so after the jump I define your criteria.

Very High: The guy is money, and every time he is asked to this year he will score, and then he will pull an opposing fan out of the crowd and then punch them out.

High: He's not as money, but he's accurate to a point, the team considers drafting a kicker or bringing in one of those other guys they have. After every time he kicks, he find an opposing team's assitant coach and punches them out.

Medium: Accuracy problems, kicking power problems, whatever it is Nedney just isn't as good anymore. Still, he's middle of the pack for kickers in the league. Every time he dresses in a 49ers uniform he finds a terrorist and punches them out.

Low: Nedney is pretty much done as a kicker in the league. But every time he misses he finds Mark Roman and punches him out.

Very Low: [insert really bad kicker here]

As you can see... these are semi-defined, semi-jokes. Either way the core of how you feel about the guy is there for voting. Go for it.