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49ers sign WR Kevin Jurovich

The 49ers officially announced the signing of undrafted free agent wide receiver Kevin Jurovich. Jurovich played his college ball at San Jose State, where he finished with 160 career receptions (school record) and 2,143 career receiving yards (4th in school history). Jurovich initially signed with the Philadelphia Eagles, but was released on July 29.

For any player, signing somewhere is certainly better than nothing. He had a solid career at SJSU and is just looking to catch on somewhere in the NFL. My question is what exactly he'll get out of this. The 49ers had an open spot on their roster because of Aubrayo Franklin's situation (unsigned until he signs the franchise tender) so the 49ers certainly could add a body.

For Jurovich, I assume he's just looking to get enough playing time to either prove he's worthy of a practice squad spot, or to get some publicity so he can sign on elsewhere if and when he's cut. Given that he has to learn some portion of the playbook and get past several bodies ahead of him (whether it be at wide receiver or on special teams), he's got his work cut out for him.