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Golden Nuggets: Take It Easy

Morning everyone, Ninjames here. Sorry the Nuggets were a bit late yesterday, but you'll get over it, right? Anyway, we had some actual football yesterday. Well, kind of - if you can call anything the Dallas Cowboys do "football", then yes, there was some of that yesterday. I guess they did win, though. I didn't watch the whole game because I was busy doing other things but all-in-all, it feels good to have football back. I can't wait for the 49ers' first game, even the preseason. I just want to see some football right now. I want to see this team go out and start dominating on fools. Anyway, I have some links, not as much as the past days and I might be just a little late again but you should get over it, methinks. Here's the links, folks.

The 49ers signed another wide receiver. I don't think he's going to factor into much of anything for the 49ers. (

Barros asks some of the defensive lineman what they think about Mike Iupati. Liking some of those answers. (

Here's some players who are possibly on the decline. No Zeigler on the list? I'm happy! (

Here's some notes and some questions on Alex Smith. (

Barber also put together a list of players on the rise. Where's Ziggy?! (

The team took the day off yesterday - probably a good idea considering the injuries. (

Mike Iupati has shown he's a quick leaner. That makes me happy, he's the starter for sure. (

Anthony Davis is comfortable on the first team. Good stuff. (

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