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49ers reportedly release rookie returner LeRoy Vann

Maiocco and CSN Bay Area are reporting that league sources have informed them the 49ers have waived rookie return man and cornerback LeRoy Vann. Thanks to Tre9er mentioning this in our last post. Given his struggles holding onto punts this offseason it's not entirely shocking to see him off the team so soon.

After signing WR Kevin Jurovich, the 49ers reached its 80-man maximum. That's not to say this means Aubrayo Franklin may be coming through that door soon and needs a roster spot. Rather, staying one below the minimum leaves them flexible for areas of real need.

In this case, one has to wonder if they're more impressed with the other return men they already have. By removing Vann from the equation, it will provide greater opportunities this preseason for all the return men currently on the roster. And if Vann wasn't showing something in practice, it just wasn't worth keeping him around.