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49ers Training Camp Open Open Thread: Injuries and New Starters

I was originally going to wait on posting about the 49ers morning practice until after I received the transcript for Coach Singletary's morning post-practice media session. However, so much went down that I thought I'd open this up sooner. You can also use this thread to discuss updates during the afternoon practice.

If you don't know, your best options for fairly immediate updates would be through Twitter. Make sure you check out Matt Barrows, Phil Barber and Matt Maiocco on Twitter. Normally I'd also recommend Sam Lam's feed, but he's still in Ohio after the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

In poking through those various feeds, there was a whole lot happening this morning. Coach Singletary indicated in his press conference that the team hit a wall today, which led him to end practice early. The team had a busy first week of camp, and it sounds like players have hit the wall that comes when you're physically and mentally drained. I was going to say exhausted, but I'd imagine it's just that initial wall that has to be overcome early in the preseason. It's a matter of getting back to what you'll get used to over the course of a whole season.

The biggest issue today was probably the fact that Eric Heitmann went down with a leg injury that led to David Baas getting some significant reps at the center position. Heitmann was carted off so we'll see how serious the injury is, but whatever the case, the reps for Baas are important because of the second development today. Coach Singletary confirmed that rookies Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati are in fact members of the starting offensive line at this point in time.

On the one hand, it sounds like Snyder and Baas weren't exactly providing stiff competition. However, even if Davis and Iupati moved into the lineup because of other people's struggles, the upside is that they'll get reps with the rest of the starters (once Heitmann gets back). With those reps will come the necessary chemistry to provide improved o-line play. Coach Singletary made a very pertinent comment on the subject:

"It's kind of like a two-part thing," Singletary said. "First of all, they showed they have the ability to step in and be able to do it. The second thing is, if that's the case, then we have to give them the reps they need to be able to adjust and be ready."

Obviously one or both of these guys could lose their starting spot before all is said and done. After all, if either struggles in preseason games, the team might be willing to wait and be patient with moving them back. At the same time, I'd be surprised by that. Given the talent both Davis and Iupati bring to the table, I'd like to think they're in the lineup for good.

Forgot to include this earlier, but Josh Morgan did go down after colliding with Dashon Goldson. Barrows indicated in the link above that Morgan said he jammed his neck, but seemed to be ok for the most part.