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Vernon Davis on Mike Singletary: "Best thing that ever happened to me in my life."

Peter King came out to Santa Clara for a visit last week and had a chance to chat with 49ers player, coaches, and personnel. He included an interesting section from that visit in his Monday Morning Quarterback column today.

In his MMQB column he discussed Mike Singletary's banishment of Vernon Davis to the locker room two seasons ago. It was widely talked about, and we've certainly discussed it to death. We've seen plenty on it, but there was an interesting tidbit added in to King's column:

Davis also revealed Singletary told him if he wanted to fight, that was fine with him. They'd fight. "He pushed me to the edge," said Davis. "I needed that. When you're a first-round pick, and everyone's telling you how great you are, sometimes you need a guy to tell you that football's a team game. Here he is, one of the greatest players ever. So I had to change. Now, I'm all in."    

I don't recall seeing any mention of this before, and while it's certainly a bit out there, given the emotion Mike Singletary had on display in that game and afterwards, I can't say I'm completely surprised. As I said, we've beaten this topic to death, but I did think this was worth noting.