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Golden Nuggets: Backups or not, I'm pumped

Good morning everyone. We're one day away from our final game of the exhibition season and I'm excited. Obviously, the fourth game will not be indicative of many things for the team as far as starters and the like are concerned, but it should be telling for some of the backup position battles, of which there are many. One cool thing I'm doing today is potentially obtaining a Jeff Ulbrich autograph. Some of you may remember that he's my favorite 49er of all time and I was on a quest to obtain one - well, business and things of that nature derailed it. But I had someone get at me on Twitter yesterday, and... well, I'll have a post about this if it goes through, which would be totally awesome. Anyway, I've got your links for today, enjoy and what not.

We heard something from Crabtree finally - he says he's fine to play but it's up to the coaches, though he did also show some support for Alex Smith, which is nice. (

It's been said before, but it's worth another look: Singletary isn't very pleased with the backup quarterback situation. (

Here's a good article on NaVorro Bowman. I like him even more now that I know a bit about his story. (

Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis are practicing again and both appear ready to play, though they're not likely to tomorrow. (

There's a lot of bubble players on the 49ers right now, and they're hoping their bubble doesn't bop. Colorful. (

Alex Smith feels as though he's earned the right to be a leader, and I'm inclined to agree with him. Godspeed, Mr. Smith. (

 The team isn't making it immediately known how they'll be playing their starters tomorrow, but at least one player wants to see them all play: Frank Gore. (

The 49ers will look to carry their preseason momentum into the opener. We had better beat the Seahawks. (

Reggie Smith and Taylor Mays were definitely the deciding factors in Michael Lewis getting a pay cut. (

Maiocco answers some FAQs from his readers. (

Travis LaBoy is riding a "wave" onto the roster. Uh, cool. (

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More later of course.