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49ers Training Camp: Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree Exchange Words

Apparently Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree decided to take it upon themselves to inject some much needed drama into training camp. After all, it's clearly been long enough since Kentwan Balmer went AWOL, Glen Coffee retired, and Mike Singletary called out Nate Davis. We're heading into the fourth game of the preseason, which means we need a fourth dramatic story. It's just natural.

We really don't have much in the way of details yet, but I figured I'd post something on the front page for folks to discuss (thanks to LondonNiner for the initial FanShot), speculate, and provide twitter details that they stumble across. I've posted some details after the jump (so we don't push Drew's college football preview too far down). For now though, these are the twitter feeds to track (among others)

Matt Barrows
Phil Barber
Matt Maiocco
Vernon Davis

The general gist is that Davis and Crabtree had a "heated exchange" near the end of practice while working amongst the other skill players. Singletary then took the two of them inside the building for what had to be an entertaining conversation. Davis came out of the locker room, and then a bit later (I think moments) Crabtree and Singletary emerged. Davis and Crabtree watched the rest of practice apart from each other. Then, rather than give his final practice comments on the field, Singletary took the team inside.

While it doesn't sound like specifics were revealed, in Coach Singletary's post-practice media session (transcript to come later), Singletary mentioned something about how "the elephant in the room has been exposed," that there was a misunderstanding between Davis and Crabtree, and that Davis "did the right thing but did it the wrong way."

I'd suspect Singletary won't reveal specifics about what was said, which means we're left to speculation. Singletary indicated it wasn't football related, so does that not include injury issues (which have been at the forefront for both Davis and Crabtree this month)?

I'd imagine we'll all be keeping an eye out for updates.