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Golden Nuggets: One day away?

I can't believe we're a day away. One day away from some real, tangible NFL action. Action that matters. Action that dictates the future of a team, that has an effect on where we'll be come postseason time. As far as news goes, we didn't have a whole lot yesterday. I have some good links for you though, some inactives were announced and we have some player quotes and things of that nature. We had plenty in the way of posting at Niners Nation yesterday, and we'll have plenty more today. You guys were slacking in the comments in the Nuggets, though. I say it should be required that we hit 100 in every day of the regular season. Tre9er and his multiple personalities were also slacking, and I'm thinking about banning a couple of them. We'll have to see. Anyway, enjoy folks.

Vernon Davis isn't ready for fewer looks this season. He wants the ball, and I think he should get it, personally. I also love the way Jimmy Raye talks and his choice of words. Always entertaining, now about that playbook ... (

How the 49ers can win the NFC West. Well, it's nice that Phil (hey look, it's Phil!) compiled this list, but I think it mostly boils down to "not sucking as much as the other three teams in the division." Good read, though. (

The 49ers are preparing these rookie offensive lineman for the Seattle crowd. We've read a lot about this in the past few days, and heck, I've written a lot about it — and that's because it's a very real concern. (

I have to be honest, I love the attitude from Mike Sando in this article. Sando isn't my favorite of the beat writers, and I have accused him of being biased in the past, but I've seen lately that it wasn't so much bias as it was legitimately believing in the Seahawks, which I can see. He basically takes this article and says, "Hey. I'm Mike Sando. I'm right, and you suck for thinking I'm not right. Suck it! Also, that Ninjames fella is sexy and I love him." I'm paraphrasing slightly, but the smugness in this article is legitimately appreciated by myself. (

It appears that WR Ted Ginn Jr. will be returning punts against Seattle tomorrow. This really does come as a surprise to me. I think we all got a little bit ahead of ourselves in thinking that Phillip Adams should be thrust in there, but I still an surprised. I don't like Ginn back there on punts, is all I'm saying. (

Points of the Game: Seattle Seahawks (

WR Michael Crabtree asks, "What is a diva?" You know, at times, I have trouble figuring it out, too. Someone is a diva if they're all about themselves. Someone is a diva when they're all up on the media. Apparently, somebody with an aversion to the media is also a diva. All I know is, I'm hungry, so I'm going to stop writing this sentence right in the middle of it when I really shoul (

Why not? Some more preview action for tomorrow's game. (

Sando has his final word on the NFC West before their week one action begins. (

Teams Talk: Andy Lee on Seattle. I enjoy these segments. (

Maiocco has some matchups to watch for tomorrow's game. I hate the tiny column of writing next to all the unnecessary pictures and video on the right. (

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Throughout the day we'll have more.

Something Else

I generally don't include personal things in the Nuggets and ask for anything (though a "will provide daily links for food," section may be oncoming) but I got a buddy with a lot of things up for sale on eBay, and if you're into video games at all, it's worth checking out. The only reason I include this is because he's selling these things for his mom — who had surgery recently and they're pressed for cash. I'm not asking that you buy anything, but hey, there might be something there you like. Thanks.