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2010 NFL Season: Week 1 Open Thread

The 49ers kick off at 1:15pm pacific so everybody gets to enjoy some morning football. We'll have a game thread for 49ers-Seahawks at 12:45, but in the meantime we'll have a thread for the morning games. Here are the games in your area.

I think we have some fun matchups in the morning. Bengals-Patriots is intriguing given that the Patriots are playoff contenders and the Bengals are getting a lot of talk over their Batman & Robin duo of Chad Ocho Cinco and TO. The Raiders remain a mystery team given the overhaul they made in some key positions this offseason and their defense gets the first crack at Chris Johnson. The Falcons battle the Dennis Dixon-led Steelers as the Steelers will be looking to not fall too far out of the playoff race before Ben Roethlisberger returns. And possibly the best matchup could be Colts-Texans as the Texans continue to try and get over the hump in the AFC South.

Don't forget to get your predictions in for our prediction contest. If you miss either morning game you can still get in predictions for the later games.