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49ers-Seahawks: Mike Singletary Speaks

As is custom, 49ers head coach Mike Singletary will provide a bit of a wrap-up today of yesterday's 31-6 defeat in Seattle. Things have gotten rather chippy after one bad loss with Mike Singletary calling out various players. However, Alex Smith more or less called out the coaching staff, whether intentional or not, and I'd hope that Coach Singletary will address that issue. I can't imagine we won't hear a question about Smith's comments regarding the communication issues.

I've posted an embedded stream after the jump. If you get here once the press conference is over, you can go to to watch the press conference after it is finished.

Fooch's Update: The 49ers have posted video of Coach Singletary's press conference at TV49. I removed the embedded video that was after the jump because it is a live feed into CSN headquarters (as exciting as that might be).