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49ers-Seahawks: How about the one piece of good news?

Things are certainly a bit bleak after an ugly season opener. At the same time, there was one bit of good news to come out of the game, although even that is colored by some bad news. The only real positive to come out of yesterday's game was the very solid performance by Ted Ginn Jr. as the team's punt returner. He had two punt returns for 27 yards along with a fair catch. Given the struggles of the 49ers punt returners last year, I think we should actually be pleased we have a guy who can make a fair catch.

The downside to this was that Ginn sprained his MCL late in the game on his only reception of the game. Ginn is day to day with the injury so hopefully he'll be fine by next Monday. Given his success in returning punts I'd imagine if healthy he'll be the main guy on punt returns for the foreseeable future. Phillip Adams had a good preseason, but clearly Singletary has a bit more trust in the veteran Ginn.

If the team does stick with him on most returns, does that mean a scaling back of his role as the third receiver and general deep guy? The team mixed it up with him against the Seahawks to little success but is there any concern about overwork if you've got him working the deep threat along with kick and punt returns? Do you give Josh Morgan some kick returns to keep everybody fresh? I suppose it doesn't really matter if you can't score touchdowns, but consider that my only real complaint in this story.