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Mike Singletary Approval Rating, Week 1

I honestly was a little concerned about posting our weekly approval rating post. Given how badly Sunday went I can only begin to imagine where Coach Singletary's rating will be. Nonetheless, I want to track this rating every week so we can see how it ebbs and flows. I'm fairly certain wins and losses have a lot to do with the flow of the rating, but it's still worth following along week to week.

Also, I know that some folks would like a numbered rating better (such as rating Coach Singletary on a 1-10 scale), but I'm happy for now with a simple black and white yes/no poll. I realize approval doesn't always fall in black and white, but I figure that's what the comments section is for.

Yesterday we had two different threads discussing Coach Singletary and the game among other things. We had the live press conference thread and we had the press conference transcript thread. In both threads, one common complaint about Singletary was the idea that he didn't really know what the problem was and by not knowing the problem it was going to be that much harder to correct the problems the team faces going forward.

As sigma stated, Coach Singletary has certainly become the master of the understatement. What I'm wondering is how much of that is him protecting his players? What I mean by that is the fact that we did have some players called out on Sunday and there was a team meeting on Sunday night when the team returned to Santa Clara. We don't know what was said in there, but is Coach Singletary putting himself in a position where he controls the information and thus any complaints will naturally fall on his shoulders?

Of course, it's also possible he just has some communication issues to figure out and this has nothing to do with protecting anybody. After watching that press conference, I was left a little confused as to what the team was going to do going forward to correct its problems. I'm not down on the team's ability to bounce back this season, but right now I think I'm more confused than anything else. Anybody else feel that way?