OK everyone wants to point the finger!

**Disclaimer this is not serious....but some truth in jest**

Rather than rally for MNF seems everyone wants to blame something, someone for whatever happened in week 1. I've been all over this blog defending, making excuses for last week. I'm about 100% sure everyone can agree Moran Norris is a waste of a roster spot.So I just want to take the time to point the finger where it belongs.Done with the argument over Smith this isn't HIS team, He had that title already blew it whatever the circumstance. This isn't Micheal Crabtree's team he's just a "new" piece still finding his way. This isn't VD's team, gaining plenty of respect but what I want right now isn't from him. And I know Tre you wanted to see the "fire" but this is no longer Mike Singletary's team. So who's fault is it? Whos to blame? I tell you who.....

PATRICK WILLIS yeah i said it its out there elephant is out now! When things got bad HE has to be the one to rally the troops! Enough of the fans coddling this willis...."Oh his play does the talking" "He's not really a raw raw guy" BS! Do you guys know why Sing fell "in love" with Willis? His story... about knocking his drunk deadbeat father the fuck out (sorry fooch) for beating on his sister. Being the head of household with some help(HS coaches) people (family) looking to him for wisdom, a sense of its going to be ok. He has to lead this family! Maybe not Ray Lewis but his passion has to come out. Its year 4 enough of alex knowing the offense. How about how well Willis knows the entire defense and can call out anyone unquestioned! Offense defense or special teams because he is our only SUPERSTAR and has earned that, just like a Ray Lewis.

Yeah the offense gave up a pick six well i NEVER heard alex smith say we expect to be a top 3 offense. I DID hear this willis brag about a top 3 defense. Well Im tired of hearing singletary and manusky say it doesnt matter where the other team gets the ball. THEY DONT CROSS THE GOALINE! I want to hear this from Patrick and i want him to enforce and demand that from his teamates. I could have handled a 7-6 loss and blamed smith and singletary and raye all day. But stop getting it twisted guys this team is NOT about the offense. This is Patrick Wills' team. I sure as HELL didnt see Alex, Crabtree, Davis, Singletary, or Raye for that matter even training there ass off with Kenny Powers to endorse a new shoe. This willis is the one on TV with all the celebrity friends.

Seriously in a losing effort Willis only had 10 tackles thats it. Yeah thats great for any other linebacker but thats crap for willis. Thats like Montana or Young throwing a TD. Didn't that happen like every week? All Im saying is I love patrick willis and were witnessing a hall of fame player. However Barry Sanders was a hall of famer, one the best football players ever, like many Marino etc. I want Willis to be a Champion! This once again is HIS team. Fans are already screaming for the head of "his" coach! He loves playing for Sing. Does he want to let this season slip away and lose his coach, to have some hot shot offensive guru come in and put the focus on the offense. i dont think so.

It's enough already with the "we'll bounce back next week, next year" Patrick this is your team. Grab ahold of it and lead it! Show the world how much you HATE to lose and will not accept it anymore from ANYONE! And anyone who defies you will be gone! Sometimes an actual loss will count but as long as you are 49ers we cannot be embarrased ever again. NO MATTER HOW BAD THE OFFENSE IS!

Now of course Patrick wasn't the reason for this blow out but some of this is very true.

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