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Golden Nuggets: Just a feeling.

Good morning everyone, an anxious and slightly worried Ninjames here. Worried mostly because of the moves made yesterday. I don't know why, but when I saw that we signed Jason Hill, it just made me feel like bad things are brewin'. Getting that feeling in my bones, you know? Maybe you don't know ... I guess you didn't get that same feeling I'm getting, so I'll just move on from my senseless doomsaying with no real purpose and get on to tangible stuff. We had a bunch yesterday here at Niners Nation and should have some more. I also wanted to throw it out there that SB Nation Bay Area (of which myself and Fooch write for) is doing pretty darn good as far as traffic is concerned. But we're not top three just yet, so why don't you all make sure you check it out frequently, OK? OK. Moving on, here's your links. Enjoy them.

Mike Singletary is defending Alex Smith, and I agree with him to an extent. Not that Smith had outstanding throws, mostly that I didn't see anything entirely detrimental during that game. Those picks weren't his fault, and the second one definitely wasn't. Still, I'm far from being on the Alex Smith bandwagon. (

The 49ers signed WR Jason Hill and released CB Tramaine Brock. I'm a little bothered by the move. I suppose I figured that Brock had something the team was really, really into and that they wouldn't risk cutting him. Well, that's out the door and he's going to make our practice squad. Makes me wonder why he deserved a spot over someone like, oh I don't know (where's my dead horse? I've a hankering for punching something repeatedly), Michael Robinson. (

Signing Hill mostly stems from Ted Ginn Jr. being sidelined due to a sprained knee. Which sucks. Ginn doesn't inspire a lot of confidence from me, but it would be nice if we could keep some semblance of a team together. (

Here's some insight to the 49ers communication problems. I don't get it, honestly. Well, I do get it, to be sure, but I don't know what should be done. (

Should people criticize Mike Singletary? Yeah, they really should. I know I'm being very critical of him at this point. I'm not happy that we weren't prepared to handle something as rudimentary as getting the play calls in. Malfunctions are one thing, incompetence is another. There's thirty-one other teams that have no issues getting it done. (

Here's a semi-review of a few players in the game against the 'Hawks. (

Maiocco had some power rankings yesterday. I'm not going to comment on them because I don't want to insult him. (

How about a first look at the New Orleans Saints? Yeah, I didn't want to look either. (

Our defense needs to get it together or we're in for some serious trouble. If the Seahawks were able to destroy our secondary, I'm pretty sure Drew Brees will be on cruise control. (

In today's "Captain Obvious," post, we learn that the 49ers offense is far from fixed. Not that it's ab ad article or anything, it's just when I read the headline, my head exploded for how not blown my mind was. (

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