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NFL Power Rankings: SB Nation ranks 49ers 21st

SB Nation NFL released their week 1 power rankings and the 49ers were ranked 21st. I'm actually a little bit surprised given the debacle that was last Sunday. SB Nation ranked the Seahawks at 20th. In the past we've done a league wide ranking where each site manager votes, but due to the man power required for that, the NFL folks have decided to have a single writer put them together.

The writers had this to say about the 49ers:

Maybe we overvalued them in the preseason rankings at 13 but their offense looked terrible against the Seahawks. The defense doesn't deserve a ton of criticism but that offense won't be winning many games this year.

I definitely think the 49ers should be ranked poorly, but given all the question marks, who really knows whether the offense will be winning many games or not. There is so much confusion and turmoil on the surface that not many people can make an accurate read of the situation.

In previous years I've done a rundown of multiple power rankings to see where the 49ers stand. Here is an example from last season. I may still do that but I'm not quite sure yet. Did people enjoy that at all, or were you mostly indifferent?