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Golden Nuggets: Slow day ... is that good?

Good morning folks, Ninjames here. We had a slow day in 49ers news yesterday, and thus, I don't have a ton of links for you. I'm wondering, at this point, if that's a good thing. I mean, whenever we get news, there's something going on in practice, or someone is hurt and we have to sign someone we just cut recently. Personally, I vastly prefer a day where I can just sit and reflect on what's been going on. I didn't even have time to feel a certain way about the Jason Hill signing. So despite the lack of links, I'm happy with it. I do have some links though, with some good insight and things of that nature. Apologies if the Nuggets go up a little late tonight, I've been dragging my feet for about a week now (ask Fooch, I've been awful responding to emails) but I'm back on it, I think. Enjoy the links, all of you, even if they are late.

The full details of TE Vernon Davis's contract have been revealed, so go check 'em out. I'm happy with this contract. (

One possible solution to the whole playcalling nonsense is detailed in this article. I agree with it, but I also just shake my head, considering this is a detail that should have been explored in the preseason. (

CB Tramaine Brock was signed to the practice squad. I guess I'm happy with this, but I'll probably view this guy with a bit of disdain for awhile. (

Here's a good look at what an 0-2 start could mean for the 49ers. There's some interesting numbers, except for the fact that they don't matter, because the 49ers will be winning on Monday. (

Maiocco had a review of every player on the 49ers from the Seattle game. I'm not even going to read this. It can't be good. (

You can read over Barrows' recent live chat transcript. (

Maiocco had a chat recently as well, here's a transcript. If they're related, I apologize, but I don't have time to read through them right now. (

Are the 49ers already in a deep hole with their play calling issues? Yeah, probably. It feels bad. (

Seattle's gameplan was to stop Vernon Davis. It seemed to help them, though they didn't completely shut him down. (

Sando has two people from the 49ers falling in his NFC West stock watch. Can you guess who they are? I'm wondering why one of them isn't Michael Crabtree. (

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