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49ers Vernon Davis Contract Extension: The details

Fooch's Note: ESPN has a great article up about Davis' growing maturity with some great quotations. Thanks to madmatt for finding it.

The details have begun to emerge as to exactly what 49ers TE Vernon Davis will receive in his recent contract extension. The folks at Rotoworld have posted the numbers, and Matt Maiocco has additional confirmation from an NFL source.

Davis signed a six year contract extension worth approximately $42.705 million (my math came up with $42.555). It appears to include new dollars for this season (which counts as the "sixth" year of the deal). The contract includes a $10 million signing bonus and $23 million in guaranteed money. The guaranteed money includes the signing bonus as well as the first two years of base salary and $4.148 million of his third year salary. The numbers are as follows:

2010: $3.874 million base; $100,000 workout bonus (WB)
2011: $4.708 million base; $200,000 WB; $400,000 roster bonus (RB)
2012: $5.751 million base; $200,000 WB; $400,000 RB
2013: $6.072 million base; $200,000 WB; $400,000 RB
2014: $4.7 million base; $200,000 WB; $400,000 RB
2015: $4.35 million base; $200,000 WB; $400,000 RB

The roster bonuses each season come out to $25,000 for each game he is active. So, if he's injured and one of the eight inactive players in a given week starting in 2011, he loses out on $25,000. The roster bonuses are worth a total of $2 million, which is 4.6% of his total salary. While those individual $25,000 hits likely aren't that big a deal, it could be at least a small incentive to stay healthy and not sit out.