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Golden Nuggets: Fun stuff.

Good morning everyone. Had another relatively slow day, which I guess, as I pointed out previously, is a good thing. I don't like big news days anymore, because they never go right for the 49ers, as we all know to one extent or another. We did have a little practice scuffle though, involving a one guy who's totally hardcore and another who doesn't seem ... quite as hardcore. Either way, that was the only significant piece of news yesterday outside of some vague words from Mike Singletary, as we've all become accustomed to and an injury report. I think it's pretty comical actually that Sing can say so many words, and essentially not be saying anything at all, do you know what I mean? Anyway ... I suppose I should get to your links. Enjoy, folks.

Here's some injury updates I put together based on the injury report from yesterday. (

If you haven't got a chance to check it out, you can go see our game stream at SB Nation Bay Area, updated throughout the week. We should have a full preview as an update soon (

The team is unified in reports of... dissension? Really? Every team has someone who leaks information. Every team has several. I hate this "rat" stuff. (

Here's some non-soap opera news from yesterday. Good to see. (

The Niners are going to retire their #80 on Monday, I can't wait, I'll be there. (

The 49ers are being quiet about how they're going to fix their communication issues, which I'm totally alright with, honestly. (

The rat business, if you missed it, comes from the anonymous source cited in a recent article from Yahoo. (

Jimmy Raye says the issues on offense are his to fix. (

The return game is a definite question mark for the 49ers. I know I don't feel good about it at all. (

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Sorry these are lacking today folks, I'm very tired and it's 2:50 and I need to get these posted.