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College Football Gameday Thread: Week 3

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The purpose of these college football threads and articles are to help those who don't know a ton about the sport to stay informed throughout the year up until draft time. There are several people on this site, and others from other SBNation sites, that love to talk about college football. If you consider youself not interested, or not understanding why it's being discussed on a Niners related website then there are plenty of other great articles and fanposts on the site to focus on relative to the 49ers.

So far there hasn't been a shortage in upsets, exciting games, and of course blowouts. At a quick glance at this weeks schedule, it seems as though we could be in for quite a few more blowouts as far as the top 25 teams games are concerned. Although there is always potential for the weekly upset(s); See: James Madison beating the then ranked Virginia Tech. Unless something major happens though, there should not be much movement on the top 25 boards.

There are a few interesting games though but only one with board movement implications. #9 Ranked Iowa will take on Mike Stoops' #24 Ranked Arizona Wildcats. Although Iow will be heavily favored, look for the Wildcats to put up a good fight. Other games to keep an eye on

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Recapping Week 2:

The week began early on Thursday with #21 Ranked Auburn barely skating past Mississippi State 17-14 and Temple beating out Central Michigan in overtime 13-10.

Another pair of games followed on Friday starting with #23 Ranked West Virginia barely pulling off an overtime win against the Thundering Herd of Marshall who played on heck of a game. They almost pulled off the upset. After that Case Keenum and the rest of the Houston Cougars Team put a whoopin' on UTEP. If Keenum continues on like this all year and is able to have a solid performances against UCLA, Mississipi State, and Texas Tech he will be in the Heisman Trophy talks. Whether or not he deserves to be is another topic.

Saturday had as much spice as sizzling fajita's doused in habanero salsa. Anyway, there was plenty of excitement and fireworks. A lot of the ranked teams were involved in some of the closer games. It wasn't one of the most talked about games but South Carolina knocking off Georgia surprised a lot of folks. All of the top 10 teams dominated as expected but someunranked teams made their way in to the top 25. All of the top 25 teams should have it easy for the most part but it wouldn't completly shock me to see one of them fall. Afterall, it is college football.

Below is the list of Saturday's games:

Saturday, September 18
12:00 PM ET Ohio at No. 2 Ohio State Big Ten Network Tickets
12:00 PM ET No. 12 Arkansas at Georgia
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12:00 PM ET Massachusetts at No. 20 Michigan Big Ten Network Tickets
12:00 PM ET Maryland at No. 21 West Virginia Tickets
12:00 PM ET Kent State at No. 22 Penn State
12:00 PM ET Georgia Tech at North Carolina Tickets
12:00 PM ET Connecticut at Temple Tickets
12:00 PM ET North Texas at Army Tickets
12:00 PM ET Northern Illinois at Illinois Big Ten Network Tickets
12:00 PM ET Iowa State vs. Kansas State* Tickets
12:00 PM ET Ball State at Purdue Big Ten Network Tickets
12:21 PM ET Vanderbilt at Mississippi Tickets
1:30 PM ET East Carolina at Virginia Tech Tickets
3:30 PM ET No. 1 Alabama at Duke Tickets
3:30 PM ET Air Force at No. 7 Oklahoma Tickets
3:30 PM ET No. 8 Nebraska at Washington Tickets
3:30 PM ET No. 10 Florida at Tennessee CBS Tickets
3:30 PM ET Arizona State at No. 11 Wisconsin Tickets
3:30 PM ET No. 18 USC at Minnesota
ESPN Mobile TV Tickets
3:30 PM ET Hawaii at Colorado Tickets
3:30 PM ET Brigham Young at Florida State Tickets
3:30 PM ET Colorado State at Miami (OH) Tickets
3:30 PM ET Washington State at Southern Methodist Tickets
4:00 PM ET Troy at UAB Tickets
4:00 PM ET Central Michigan at Eastern Michigan Tickets
4:30 PM ET Baylor at No. 4 TCU Versus Tickets
5:00 PM ET Indiana at Western Kentucky Big Ten Network Tickets
5:30 PM ET Louisville at No. 25 Oregon State Tickets
6:15 PM ET Portland State at No. 5 Oregon Tickets
7:00 PM ET Furman at No. 13 South Carolina Tickets
7:00 PM ET Mississippi State at No. 15 LSU Tickets
7:00 PM ET Clemson at No. 16 Auburn
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7:00 PM ET Akron at Kentucky Tickets
7:00 PM ET San Diego State at Missouri Tickets
7:00 PM ET Marshall at Bowling Green Tickets
7:00 PM ET Tulsa at Oklahoma State Tickets
7:00 PM ET Middle Tennessee at Memphis Tickets
7:00 PM ET Northwestern at Rice Tickets
7:00 PM ET Florida International at Texas A&M Tickets
7:00 PM ET UCF at Buffalo Tickets
7:00 PM ET Navy at Louisiana Tech Tickets
7:00 PM ET Toledo at Western Michigan Tickets
7:15 PM ET Maine at Syracuse Tickets
8:00 PM ET No. 3 Boise State at Wyoming Tickets
8:00 PM ET No. 6 Texas at Texas Tech Tickets
8:00 PM ET No. 14 Utah at New Mexico Tickets
8:00 PM ET Southern Utah at San Jose State Tickets
8:00 PM ET Notre Dame at Michigan State Tickets
8:00 PM ET Fresno State at Utah State Tickets
8:00 PM ET Louisiana-Monroe at Arkansas State Tickets
9:05 PM ET New Mexico State at UTEP Tickets
10:30 PM ET No. 9 Iowa at No. 24 Arizona
ESPN Mobile TV Tickets
10:30 PM ET No. 23 Houston at UCLA Tickets
10:30 PM ET UNLV at Idaho Tickets
11:15 PM ET Wake Forest at No. 19 Stanford