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Golden Nuggets: Too much to ask?

Good morning everyone, Ninjames here. Fresh off a good, long cry due to the Giants deciding to take the night off, I'm ready to concentrate on the 49ers again. I've been a little less than prevalent on here the last few days, as Tre9er was good enough to point out on Facebook (and make my girlie feel bad, boooo) but I'm back in the swing of things, so you'll be getting plenty of Ninjames in your daily diet. How great for you. Our 49ers have a myriad of complications with which to deal with at the moment, and with any luck they'll be able to come out of this looking ... not as bad. I don't know how I feel about the upcoming game on Monday, I just want this team to look like a competent bunch and get down things that a professional team should be able to get down, like getting plays in. Am I asking for too much? Probably. On to your links.

RB Brian Westbrook is waiting for his chance to play. I hope he gets a little bit of playing time, if anything, he's the best dumpoff option we can have. If we bring him in and give him five carries, we're doing it wrong. (

This is a GPS game for the 49ers. Even if they don't win, they'd like to know where they stand comparatively to the defending super bowl champions. Color me intrigued. (

If anything, the Niners are looking to help the Saints along in figuring out where there run defense stands. How nice of us, right? (

As always, on top of our stellar coverage here at Niners Nation, check out our weekly game stream for the 49ers upcoming games. (

If we take away all that bit about rats, fights, laying the blame and all of that, this Monday night game comes down to one thing: can the 49ers defense stop Drew Brees? I believe they can. The first unit stopped Peyton Manning with his weapons in the preseason and they stopped him last year. Drew Brees is just a step above (in my humble opinion). (

The 49ers offense tried to go with the deep ball, but the offensive line didn't hold well enough to open it up. I've been saying that since people were throwing themselves down on their knees, weeping of Alex Smith's performance. (

CB Shawntae Spencer is "surprised" that he decked Ahmad Brooks. What a great thing to say, "Nah, I mean, I didn't really hit him that hard ... Ahmad just a [site decorum]," is essentially what I'm getting from there. Then again, I've been reading a lot of comments from mr. instigator as of late. (

Here is what seems to be a good article on Vernon Davis, but I haven't got the time to read it right now. It's about his turnaround, which I bet is a good read. (

Mike Singletary unleashed. Sounds terrifying, personally. (

Too much intensity from Mike Singletary. Hm, well, I never thought I'd say it, but yeah, I suppose there's a point there. (

49ers Defense Zones In (

Ask a Player: Anthony Davis (

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