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49ers-Saints: Realistic expectations for Dominique Zeigler

This post is satirically sponsored by wide receiver Dominique Zeigler and Ninjames's unabated love for all things "Ziggy." It's really not sponsored by anything, but seeing as how this is my only article here not prefaced by "Golden Nuggets," in the last few days, I know some of you will be snickering that it's about Zeigler. Shove it.

Wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. is out for the game on Monday against the Saints. Well, he's not "officially," out, but I'm going to trot out on a rather wide limb (it's actually quite comfortable, there's a hammock, some fruit, and basic cable with the Red Zone channel) and say that he's going to be out for this game. If I'm wrong, I'll ban one of Tre9er's multiple personalities that I'm fond of, or admit to London Niner something British I may enjoy over something American. Something humiliating like that.

But seriously, Ted Ginn is out, and despite the recent signing of Jason Hill, he likely won't see the field at all if he's active, save for on special teams (we may have punt coverage this week, folks!). This means that Dominique Zeigler moves into the third wide receiver slot. I'm pretty excited for this as a fan of Zeigler, but also interested from a general fan point of view. Zeigler is like Michael Crabtree in more ways than one, and I wonder if he steps in and takes some playing time from the struggling second year receiver.

Zeigler becomes, like I said, the teams third receiver. Traditionally, the 49ers don't really use their fourth receiver at all, and their third receiver sparingly, what with Delanie Walker being a total gangster and all. I'd say, though, with how Crabtree played, that Zeigler makes it out there a bit more than a third receiver might. So as far as playing time goes, we can only assume he'll play a good amount more than he did in week one.

What of his receptions? What can we expect of him? I'll stay out of it for the most part, considering my natural fandom inclination is telling me that he'll go up and grab eight first downs with six touchdown receptions. But you know, I'm a ridiculous homer. Realistically, I think he'll have a good game there. That's just my $.02, though.

You can also look for Zeigler on special teams, possibly on every unit. Phillip Adams is a little banged up and Kyle Williams isn't ready to come back, and now Ted Ginn is hurt so Zeigler may be the point man on punt returns. For kickoffs, it will be some combination of Zeigler, Adams, Josh Morgan and Delanie Walker, so this should be "fun," or something cynically sarcastic like that.