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Sunday NFL Open Thread: Red Zone channel is free today

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One of the perks to having your team play on Monday Night Football is that you get a chance to kick back and just enjoy Sunday's football games throughout the day. Of course, for those with a fantasy football team or two (or three or four) to deal with you have to put up with a little bit of stress today. Of course, seeing as it's only week two of the NFL season, most folks haven't seen their season completely decimated yet. So, really you can enjoy these games at least a little bit.

First off, don't forget to make your predictions for this week's prediction contest. If you miss the morning games you can always make the later predictions. You won't be able to get points for the early games, but you could still get points for the unplayed games.

Second, and arguably more important, is the fact that the NFL Red Zone channel on Comcast/Xfinity is free today. After the jump I've posted the channel Red Zone is available on in various major markets in both standard cable and HD. If you haven't checked out the Red Zone channel and have Comcast/Xfinity cable, definitely check it out today.

So, enjoy today's games. If we get any news related to the 49ers I'll make sure and post any link in here.

Red Zone Channels
San Francisco:  Standard - 427; HD - 785
Atlanta:  Standard - 274; HD - 799
Baltimore:  Standard - 734; HD - 861
Boston:  Standard - 287; HD - 899
Chicago:  Standard - 411; HD - 254
Denver:  Standard - 418; HD - 694, 839
Detroit:  Standard - 182; HD - 741
Houston:  Standard - 130; HD - 714
Indianapolis:  Standard - 271, 548; HD - 216, 1706
Jacksonville: Standard - 741; HD - 390
Miami: Standard - 743; HD - 390
Minneapolis: Standard - 727; HD - 406
Oakland: Standard - 427; HD - 785
Philadelphia: Standard - 734; HD - 861
Pittsburgh: Standard - 278; HD - 861
Seattle:  Standard - 410; HD - 637
Tennessee: Standard - 287; HD - 184
Washington, DC: Standard - 734; HD - 861