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Golden Nuggets: Gameday!

Good morning everyone. It's gameday, and by the time you read this I'm going to be in a cold-medicine induced coma while I attempt to recover fully so I can make it out to San Fran for the game tonight. I know that there won't be many starters playing, but you can't beat gameday at the 'Stick if you want 49ers; and that's a fact. We had a bit of controversy at practice yesterday, and it's got me a little worried. Truthfully, I've been worried about Crabtree since the moment we drafted him. I just don't feel like he really wants to be here, it's just something I've always had in the back of my mind. I'm sure it's nothing, but then again, I'm not. Apparently I'm schizophrenic, just call me Tre9er, I suppose. Anyway, moving on to your links. Enjoy, foolios.

Phillip Adams is confident of his spot on the roster. Love that kind of attitude for the young guy out of the seventh rounds. Good stuff. (

Oh yeah, Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis had a heated exchange at practice. I guess it's not that big of a deal, honestly. (

Could the entire 49ers draft class make the roster? That's a pretty awesome thought, honestly. (

Alex Smith won't be playing tonight, Mike Singletary has seen enough of him, and I think that speaks volumes for the confidence the coaches have in him. (

So we know that Smith won't be playing, but what about Crabtree? (

The Niners came in 14th in's power rankings. Pretty cool stuff, I guess. (

Apparently, a pretty significant ex-49er thinks the Crabtree vs Davis argument was a good thing. (

This is a 49ers camp report, or something along those lines. There's literally nothing here you haven't already read, but... cool for more coverage. (

Your San Francisco 49ers are now guinea pigs. Every one of them. Well, most of them I think. Pretty cool stuff. (

Maiocco has a roster projection finally, and I'm a little disturbed that it's basically identical to mine. (

Mike Sando does a good job of breaking down the 49ers roster as it stands now. (

The 49ers continue to make breakout lists, which I think is great. (

20 Questions: NT Ricky Jean Francois (

Road to the Roster: DL Khalif Mitchell (

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