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49ers Roster: Feasible that the team only carries two quarterbacks?

It's roughly 3:00 a.m. as I write this, because as you all know, I can't ever sleep. Maybe it's just the fact that my mind is dulled by sleep deprivation, or perhaps it's because I've obsessed over this to the point of frying the microchip that is my brain (yes, folks, Ninjames is a robot), but I'm thinking more and more that it's possible the team enters the season without Nate Davis on the roster.

Mike Singletary really did call him out, and while his comments can be perceived as motivational and rather tame, they're legitimate words that carry an awful lot of meaning behind them. No, he didn't directly say that Nate Davis is gone if he doesn't shape up right now but I wonder if announcing David Carr as the definitive backup quarterback in the way that he did signifies that's what they plan to go with moving forward.

It would make sense to preempt roster cuts and speak in public about a player's shortcomings. If you're another team and you're interested in Nate Davis, you factor in many things. He's very young, very raw, and he has a learning disorder. That's a red flag, but it's still arguable that a team might make a grab for him on waivers. If you add, though, that this player with this learning disorder also lacks a certain work ethic and determination, don't you just keep on looking down that waiver wire?

Nate Davis still has practice squad eligibility if I'm thinking correctly. There is a distinct possibility that I am not thinking correctly, in which case I ask you: shutup. So, if it wasn't a question, oh well (Fooch's Note: Barrows thinks he is too). Still, even if he weren't eligible, I think it's a distinct possibility that the team goes in with only Alex Smith and David Carr, enabling them to use Davis' spot for someone who can immediately contribute more. One thing is for sure, we need to keep a good eye on Nate Davis tonight when we play the Chargers. Thoughts?