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49ers 2010 Predictions: Matthew Berry Is The Smartest Man Alive!

Thanks to LondonNiner for posting this in another thread. ESPN has posted their 2010 NFL predictions and I think it's safe to say Matt Berry is clearly a smart man who knows exactly what he's talking about! It's safe to say Berry has gone out on a bit of a limb as he is predicting a Super Bowl featuring the Baltimore Ravens and your San Francisco 49ers. He has Mike Singletary winning NFL Coach of the Year and Patrick Willis winning NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

While Berry is the only one to pick the 49ers to win get to the Super Bowl, he's not the only one to predict Patrick Willis as Defensive Player of the year or Mike Singletary as Coach of the year. Six people predicted the Willis honor and two people predicted the Singletary honor. It'll be interesting to look back at these predictions in five months. While I don't expect a ton of accuracy, the love is certainly nice.