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Golden Nuggets: So how do you feel?

Good morning everyone. Ninjames here, writing these Nuggets directly after arriving home. I have never yelled and cheered as loudly as that in my life. It was non-stop yelling, non-stop-screaming in other fans' faces. My throat is bleeding, I'm exhausted, my back is sore. But ... I feel good. I don't feel great, but I feel good. The best way I can describe this game is that it was the best loss for the NFC West this week. If you took the Seahawks, Rams or Cardinals and put them in that game against the Saints, they get blown out. They don't keep it close like that. I have to figure that it just looks sad. This game was deflating, but it was refreshing. It was yin and yang, and it was ... something I can't wholly define. I don't even know what to say, really. I'm feeling alright. Let's leave it at that. Go Niners.

The 49ers lost yesterday, if you didn't figure as much. Here's a recap for the game. I wish it could have been different ... (

Turnovers are the worst ... the absolute worst. There was nothing more deflating than those turnovers. That's at the very least six points, and with the way were moving the ball, perhaps fourteen points. Ugh. (

Jerry Rice's ceremony was awesome, as was watching him run out with the team at the beginning, and watching him standing there just before half time, drinking in the cheers of "Jerry!" Too cool for a 49ers fan like myself who never got to see him play in person. (

Here's the game center if you wanted full stats and analysis. (

Was this game the offensive line's coming of age? I hope so, I love how well they started playing as the game went on. (

Frank Gore says that the 49ers whupped the Saints up and down the field. I agree. Too bad we couldn't get a win out of it. (

Here's a slide show of the Jerry Rice ceremony. And why not, a slide show from the game. (

QB Alex Smith was impressive yesterday, and I will stick to those guns. He played well, despite the first interception. The second one wasn't really his fault, but that first was overthrown. Impressive, but we still lost. (

Here's a 49ers report card, always good to read. (

The Niners players are disgusted, but defiant. I like that they're not totally deflated. (

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