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49ers-Eagles Week 5: Eagles name Michael Vick starting QB

I realize the 49ers have plenty of their own important games coming up in the next two weeks, but upon seeing this I really felt it was something that might be worth discussing. Chris Mortensen is reporting that Andy Reid has now named MIchael Vick the starting QB for the Eagles this Sunday against Jacksonville. This comes a day after it appeared Kevin Kolb would remain the starter going forward.

I bring it up on a 49ers site because if Vick remains the starting QB, he brings a decidedly different element to the table than Kevin Kolb. The 49ers have a very active and aggressive defense, but athletic QBs can certainly take advantage of an aggressive defense. And while Vick was around last year, he's still relatively new to the league again following his jail time. Obviously he could be back on the bench in three weeks, but who really knows at this point.

Any thoughts on this development? Head over to Bleeding Green Nation for more coverage of this breaking story.