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Golden Nuggets: Emphasizing the positive? Not my thing

Good morning, folks. Another day, another move is made by Singletary and Co. I completely disagree with. Oh well, I'll move on and live with it, but I basically question everything he does at this point, and I most definitely do not like listening to him these days. That doesn't mean I dislike him or anything, I think he's a good head coach, and I don't want him gone or anything, he's just wore thin on me right now. Either way, I'm looking fully ahead to the Chiefs game, I can take nothing more from the Saints game that I haven't already taken. I want week three to roll around, and I want a very big win. I feel like we'll get it, because if we go 0-3, there's no way we turn out good this season. Fortunately for us, that won't be a problem. Because we got this. Go Niners.

LB Diyral Briggs was signed to the Denver Broncos practice squad. Briggs has a better shot of playing for the Broncos this year, though I hate to see it because he was almost certainly part of the 49ers plans for next year's rotation. It's upsetting that everyone claims that Brock was elevated for depth ... well he wasn't even active on Monday night, and now we'll have Will James back. Literally was not any situation that Brock could play, and yet the move was crucial somehow. Oh well, maybe he'll turn out good or something. (

Maiocco has a review of every 49ers player from the Saints game. Always a good read, this one. (

The team is emphasizing the positive even though they lost on Monday. Good to keep the spirits up, but I'd get sick of it, personally. (

Here's another review of sorts, but it's more like some random notes while someone watches the game, or something along those lines. (

Maiocco has some power rankings. I don't know why he does these now, but I'm sure some people find them interesting. I'm not going to read through them, and no offense at all on that. (

Gore and the team feel that Iupati played well, leading the rest of the line. I'm inclined to agree. That review up there says that he "continued to play bad," or something along those lines. I'm going to stick with my gut, though. (

Singletary talks emotions and all of that. Personally, I didn't read any of it. I'm not interested in that kind of thing right now. Let's talk football. I don't care why you say what you say, coach. (

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