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49ers Transactions: Coach Mike Singletary updates the Diyral Briggs situation

Coach Singletary spoke to the 49ers beat writers today and had an update on the Diyral Briggs situation:

On whether it was a difficult decision to waive LB Diyral Briggs on Monday:

"It was a tough decision. It really was. But it's something that we felt we needed to do, and you know, sometimes you have to make those tough decisions. Yes, it was difficult."

On why Briggs wasn't moved back to the 53-man roster Tuesday:

"Well, because we have our 53 men set. And we didn't want to make a move that way when we felt that the opportunity that we had for him was very similar to the one that Denver had for him. And we weren't going to play the cat and mouse game. I felt that if Diyral wanted to be here, he knows the system, he is familiar with the coaches, and sometimes a player and his agent will talk and figure things out another way, so that's what happened."

There was a previous tweet from Maiocco that the Broncos offered twice the practice squad minimum. I don't think we'll ever get a complete answer at this point. Coach Singletary's comments are certainly interesting as they infer certain things about the dealings between player/agent and team without going into much detail.