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49ers Great Ronnie Lott Explains His Speech To The Saints

Prior to this past Monday Saints-49ers matchup, former 49ers great Ronnie Lott took some time to speak to the New Orleans Saints. Naturally there has been some discussion about this and a bit of consternation over the whole issue. Well, earlier today Lott was on KNBR (scroll down a bit to "Recent interviews" in the center) and addressed the issue during The Razor and Mr. T Show.

I've only had a chance to check out part of it and am heading out the door in a minute, but MM broke down the discussion. It sounds like things were on the up and up and Lott did not speak with the intention of it being any sort of F U to the 49ers. I don't view it as a major issue, but I know there had been some discussion about this in previous threads. I figured people would want to check this out, particularly if you don't normally listen to KNBR.