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Who Would You Take From The Kansas City Chiefs

Late last season prior to the 49ers-Cardinals Monday Night Football matchup in December, we put together what I thought was a fun post in which both blogs suggested who they wish were on their own team. You can check those out for Revenge of the Birds and Niners Nation. In speaking with Joel from Arrowhead Pride, we decided to do a similar post for this week's matchup between the 49ers and the Chiefs. It gives both sides a chance to explore the talent on the other roster.

As I mentioned in that previous post, you really can approach this from any angle. You could just look at best available players regardless of position, or you can consider the 49ers needs and what players they might realistically look at to fill those needs. Personally I prefer the latter. For example, the Chiefs have a very solid 27-year-old inside linebacker in Derrick Johnson. Seeing as he and Patrick Willis would likely play a similar position, I think I'll pass this time around. Also, I've gone with a few I like but certainly haven't offered up every single option. Feel free to contribute your own thoughts on who you might choose...

Arrowhead Pride has put together their own list so feel free to check it out.

Eric Berry, S: This is a guy it seemed everybody wanted. He's incredibly talented, and given the interchangeable nature of the 49er safety positions I can't imagine many would have argued with the 49ers grabbing him if he'd somehow fallen in the draft. The 49ers did end up with an intriguing option in Taylor Mays so I suppose I've already gone more BPA than fitting a need. However, had Eric Berry fallen to the 49ers, I'd imagine we wouldn't be talking about Taylor Mays on the roster. The 49ers had safety issues entering the draft and they addressed them.

The remaining three are after the jump...

Dexter McCluster, RB/WR: The Chiefs drafted McCluster in this last year's second round, 14 spots before they selected cornerback Javier Arenas. I mention both of them because both have seen action as punt and kick returners. I went specifically with McCluster because of his Slash like abilities all across the field. I use Slash moniker in deference to former all purpose man Kordell Stewart (before he tried to just be a QB). McCluster is a guy who can be used all over the field and could be viewed as a smaller but potentially more athletic version of Delanie Walker. He was drafted to be a matchup nightmare and would provide an additional threat for the 49ers.

Jamaal Charles, RB: Frank Gore has indicated in no uncertain terms that he is an every down back, so this might not be the most worthwhile selection. Nonetheless, given Charles' performance throughout his brief NFL career (his worst season saw him average 5.3 yards per rush) how could we not imagine him being mixed in with Frank Gore? The team has Anthony Dixon and an apparently non-existent Brian Westbrook, but it still makes you wonder.

Brandon Flowers, CB: Flowers isn't a spectacular corner but I think he'd provide a nice little upgrade to the 49er secondary. I remain a fan of Clements and Spencer, but I think Flowers provides a youthful upgrade (he's only 24) from which the 49ers could build. He's got a nose for the ball and while the 49ers can get defensive pressure, it'd be nice to see the secondary get more turnovers. Dashon Goldson has certainly helped with that, but it would certainly help if the corners inspired a bit more fear.

In reviewing the Chiefs roster, there really weren't many other guys I'd grab at this point. That's not to say the Chiefs aren't a talented football team. Rather, I just feel the 49ers level of talent is sufficient at this point that I can't find many significant upgrades. Although I'm sure there are some of you that would take Matt Cassel over Alex Smith, even after Monday's performance.