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Golden Nuggets: Getting healthier

Well now. Yesterday, the Nuggets ... suffered a few communication issues. There's a rat somewhere on Niners Nation, and I'm not going to look for him. He'll come out of the woodwork eventually. I still am pretty sure that it was just some form of sabotage, probably from Fooch, trying to crush me before I become far too powerful and take over as overlord around here. My first act as new overlord of NN would be to ban a few of you wayward blogslaves unwilling to hold your tongues. For the sake of being culturally sensitive, I held back an awful lot of jokes regarding London Niner and his country, but I assure you, I had some good ones.

Anyway, 49erland rolls right along as the team gears up for the showdown with the Chiefs on Sunday. I'm pleased to see that the 49ers seem to be getting relatively healthier as a unit, getting back a few players who can contribute, notably receiver Kyle Williams. I'm a little nervous regarding our return units, but I suppose special teams woes are going to be an issue this year whether we like it or not. Buckle up, I guess.

See, London Niner? No mention of my luscious locks, my unrequited love of Dominique Zeigler, my wife or even Tre9er and his multip- sonuva ... 

On to the links ...

LB NaVorro Bowman looks like he could be another draft gem. Called it the day of, and will continue to call it, Bowman will turn out to be the best pick the 49ers made in this draft. How bold of me, no? (

Are the 49ers to blame for scoring too quickly? No, of course not ... it doesn't happen every time, and I'm sure it happens to lots of teams. Honestly. It's just because they're a little buzzed ... (

Manusky says that LB Takeo Spikes will be ready for Sunday's game at Arrowhead. I hope he is, even if I do have a lot of faith in Bowman. I imagine we'll see the latter mixed in more than usual if Spikes gets the start, but to me, if Spikes can start, he should. (

The Chiefs have a mutli-headed backfield, and that doesn't worry me one bit. Manusky will have the team ready to stop the run, and I have full confidence in the unit to do so. Maybe I would like Bowman to be in more to deal with some of that outside speed, probably a good idea. (

LB Patrick Willis doesn't seem to recall Dexter McCluster making him look silly at a practice years ago. Well then, it didn't happen. Willis also doesn't recall the Seahawks game in week one. We were all on vacation that week. Shutup. (

Taking a page out of Georges St-Pierre's book (yeah, that's a mixed martial arts reference, and a whopping six of you will get it), the 49ers defensive players are not impressed by their own performance against the Saints. (

Here's the latest chat transcript from Maiocco, though I've yet to read it for quality control purposes. Ah, who am I kidding, I don't do any quality control with the Nuggets. (

Offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye has fond memories of Kansas City. That's cool, but there's literally nothing anybody can do to make me care enough to read this article. So here's a link for you. (

TE Nate Byham is making a name for himself, which I'm happy for. I didn't have many expectations for him coming out of the draft, but he's surprised me with his play. I still think, though, that the 49ers are a better team with Delanie Walker on the field, so I don't want to see Byham take too much time for him unless it's a blocking situation, perhaps from the backfield. (

The host of the "Coach's Corner," segment on KPIX was sacked recently, after a rather tense interview with Mike Singletary. I wonder where they banished him to, if not the corner? (

OT Anthony Davis is no baby. That would be a rather large baby ... that's actually kind of terrifying. It would be like having Jonas Jennings back. (

Here's some quick takes for the game, some stuff that may or may not have been covered in our Prospector's Guide, which I've yet to read. Whoops. (

The potential 18-game season is nothing but a headache. The prospects, the argument, the whole deal. I'm against it, personally, but just saying that makes me fear a potential drawn-out argument I really don't care to get into. (

If you were picking any Bay Area quarterback to start a game for you, who do you pick? A pretty good read. (

Again, don't forget to be reading up on the game stream we have going for the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday. (

ESPN's picks for week three include the 49ers selected by eight of the ten experts to get the win this week. Should be a sweep, honestly. (

Here's a video preview for Sunday's game. It's not terribly in depth, but you should recognize the type from last season. (

Our 49ers appear a few times on this start 'em and sit 'em list for fantasy football, but it's not all good. In fact, it's mostly bad. Oh well, I like our defense this week, at least. (

Let's wrap up with Sando's latest chat wrap. That was unintentional, I just don't care to correct it. Sue me. (

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